API 2.0 Version 1.0
Using the API

The InstantEncore API allows you to access information stored on InstantEncore for integration into your own website and services.

Calls to the API are made using REST requests that specify the method, input arguments and response format. Based on the request InstantEncore returns the appropriate data in the format requested. For a complete list of available methods and responses please see the menu on the left.


All requests to the API must include your InstantEncore API Key and API Secret to identify and validate yourself. For more information please see the Request Style section below. Version 2 of the InstantEncore API is currently in the private beta stage. If you are interested in getting API access please contact us.

Request Style

All requests are made using REST urls in the following form:


The request url is made up of the following parts:

Root https://api.instantencore.com/ All requests begin with the API root.
Version 2.0 The current version is 2.0.
Method object/action Each method is determined by a combination of an object (ex: Albums, Buzz, Events, Photos, Videos) and action (ex: List, Details). All the methods are listed in the menu on the left. Click on a method for more details.
Format xml or json The response can be returnd in XML or Json format. If the format is not specified the default is xml.
API Key api-key=xxxxxx Your API Key identifies you.
API Secret api-secret=xxxxxx The API Secret verifies your identity. This key should be proteceted and not be made available to the public. You can reset your API Secret at any time.
Arguments arg1=xxxxx&arg2=xxxxx See the details of each method for the required and optional arguments for each call.

All calls to the API are answered with XML or Json. The data returned depends on which method was called. For details on the specific data returned by each method please see the method details using the menu on the left.


An error message will be returned if an error occurred. The response contains an error code and specific message.

  <message>API Key not specified.</message>

Errors Codes:

  • 1 - Invalid Credentials
  • 2 - Invalid Method
  • 3 - Invalid Argument
  • 4 - Invalid Format
  • 0 - Unknown Error

Additionally, the HTTP Response Status Code will NOT be 200. The exact Status Code will depend on the type of error.

Need Help?

The first place to look is the documentation. See the menu on the left to dive into a specific topic. If you have further questions we'd be happy to help. Contact us