API 1.0 Version 2.0 (private beta)
Warning: Version 1.0 will be deprecated in favor of Version 2.0

The InstantEncore API allows you to access information stored on InstantEncore for integration into your own website and services.

Calls to the API are made using REST requests that specify the method and input arguments. InstantEncore outputs the appropraite responses in XML. For a complete list of available methods and responses please see the menu on the left.


All requests to the API must include your InstantEncore API Key. For more information see the Authentication page.

Request Style

All requests are made using REST urls in the following form:


For more information see Using the API.

Need Help?

The first place to look is the documentation. See the menu on the left to dive into a specific topic. If you have further questions we'd be happy to help. Contact us